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We offer a fast, flexible and customer focused service supplying unrivalled natural spring water to the construction industry at a scale to suit all construction requirements.

We can supply a consistent and efficient water supply for the public and employees using tankers, bowsers and static tanks to provide water for drinking and all other hygiene purposes. We go beyond just offering drinking water – Swale Valley water is the finest spring water which is affordable and in continuous supply.

We supply the finest quality spring water to any outside event and using Swale Valley Spring Water for your event or festival means you don’t have to compromise on quality.

You can be confident that the public will always be using the finest quality water that exceeds expectations and satisfies the most demanding of circumstances.

Swale Valley Spring Water is the natural choice for filming and TV production as our own supply of natural spring water provides a single source for drinking as well as supplying kitchens, portacabins and washing facilities.

Our expertise in supplying to even the most challenging locations helps productions run smoothly and efficiently.   We supply in 4x4 bowsers with a capacity of xxxx litres as well as specialised tankers that hold up to 30,000 litres.

Where there is a need for bulk drinking water deliveries, to locations where water isn’t suitable for drinking or where water pressure is too low to be utilised, we can ensure there is a consistent, safe and reliable supply over whatever timescale is needed.

With an unlimited supply of our own spring water, we can maintain a 24/7 service nationwide at whatever scale of supply you need.

With no added ingredients or chemicals, swimming and bathing in pure Swale Valley Spring Water is the ideal choice for domestic and commercial requirements for filling swimming pools, Jacuzzis and spa baths.

For commercial projects, you can be sure your customers are getting the highest quality, pure water which we can deliver in quantities up to xxx litres.


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Our own supply delivered nationwide 24/7 365 days a year.